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My Story. What makes me a different kind of General Manager.

My career began in my early twenties as a drum roadie for a cover band that performed at weddings, school dances and special events. As time went on, I became a sound engineer and later a production manager. I worked with original bands on a Canadian tour and in the LA club circuit.

A friend of mine who was an accomplished Actor suggested that I might be interested in Theater. I was given the opportunity to Stage Manage an Equity Waiver theatrical production in Los Angeles. This show ended up being very successful and I eventually became an Actors' Equity Association and staff Production Stage Manager for Theater West in Los Angeles.

As noted in my full credits, over a 16-year period on the road I worked with various productions and theaters. As a Production Stage Manager, I did national and international bus & truck touring, then moved to production management and eventually to Company Manager.

In 2000, I moved to NYC and became the General Manager for Columbia Artists Theatricals, handling primarily tours but also Broadway productions that would convert to tours. For family reasons, I eventually relocated to the Northwest and to this day continue General Managing various projects, theatrical productions, concert, special events and exhibitions.

Many General Managers come exclusively from an administrative background. Using my technical touring expertise as base for General Management affords me a unique perspective on productions and budgets. I know how a production works because I have been involved in every aspect of it, from calling the show to loading the trucks.

Whatever the project, I can make it happen.