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General and Event Management

Corporate, Industrial and Entertainment Industry



●  General Management experience since 2000.

    Company Management with “Road” experience.

    AEA & AGMA Production Stage Manager.

  Skilled in Publicity and Media relations.

     Trained in Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management.

     Event Coordinator, highly skilled in troubleshooting.

     Touring experience in “Arena” style environments.

     Experience in Trade Show design, set-up and operation.



 Directly supervise all aspects of Productions for Special Events, Promotions, Concerts and Theatrical First Class national and international Productions. Determine and establish production and operating budget parameters, company and crew requirements, transportation requirements, technical and tour logistics. Design, negotiate and interpret contractual obligations, (presenter, promoter, designer, technical, union(s) and artistic).


               Key achievements:

·      Developed and managed over 150 events and productions.

·      Managed production/operating budgets in excess of 6 million.

·      Designed and Established new Production Accounting System for

    Columbia Artists Theatricals.

·      Event Coordinator, 1996 Atlanta Olympic games, AT&T.

·      Managed 2 national “Fruitopia” Campaigns for Coca-Cola, USA.

·      Consistent demonstration of managing productions under budget.

Corporate clients include: Networks, AT&T, 2Luck Concepts, Columbia Artists, Coca-Cola USA, Kraft Foods, Boston Pops, US Concepts, Lonn Entertainment, Archway, IHF, Stern-Hall, Theatre West, Encore Attractions, ISGC and Show Star Entertainment. 



               CSUN             Business Management.

               AT&T,            Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management.

               C.T.I.              Commercial Theatre Institute, “Commercial Producing”

               M.T.A.            Musical Theatre Associates, “Producing on Broadway”



                    General Manager Fall/Winter 2018 National & Int'l Tour                Live Nation Urban, LLC

                    "4U: A Symphonic Celebration of Prince"                                        TCG Productions LLC  

                    Business Manager  Summer 2018, ongoing                                      MC Exhibits, LLC

                    "Mandela, A Heros Journey"                                                             The Official Exhibition

                    Leake Street, London                                                                         Eric Eislund               

                    General Manager 2017/2018/2019                                                    Continental Productions LLC

                    “Amazing Grace"                                                                               Troika Entertainment LLC

                    Premier at Museum of the Bible and National Tour                          CRC Productions LLC

                    General Manager 2015/2016 China Event Production                       ImaginaTours Productions LLC

                    “International Princess World"                                                           Min-Max International Co. Ltd.

                    General Manager  2015 National Tour                                               Big Idea Productions

                    “Veggie Tales Live”                                                                            Act 5 Entertainment LLC

                    Dreamworks                                                                                        TCG Productions LLC

                    General Manager 2014 Regional Tour                                                2Luck Concepts, LLC

                     “The Music Man: In Concert”                                                            John Luckacovic, Producer                                                 

                    Starring Shirley Jones & Patrick Cassidy                                            Directed by Glenn Casale

                    General Manager 2013 National Tour                                                 Theater of the Stars Inc.

                    “Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story”                                                        Theseus Productions LLC

                     1st National                                                                                         Gateway/Candlewood International

                    General Manager 2013 National Tour                                                  Fela Broadway LLC

                    “Fela”                                                                                                   Stephen Hendel, Producer

                    General Manager/Managing Producer 2012/13 National Tour            American Theatre International LLC,

                    “A Chorus Line”                                                                                   Baayork Lee, Director

                    General Manager,  2003 - 2012 National Tours                                    2Luck Concepts LLC

                    “Hamlet”, Merry Wives”,  “Love's Labour's Lost”,                              John Luckacovic

                    “Measure for Measure” & “Twelfth Night”                                          Eleanor Oldham, Producers

                    International Shakespeare Globe Company  (ISGC)                             

                    General Manager 2012 International Tour                                            Theater Management & Associates

                    “Tap Dogs”                                                                                            Aldo Scrofani, Producer

                    General Manager 2011 National Tour                                                   Theatre for a New Audience

                    “Merchant of Venice”                                                                            Thomas Kriegsmann, ArKtype

                    Darko Tresnjak, Director                                                                       Theresa Von Klug, Producer

                    General Manager 2010 National Tour                                                    NETworks Presentations LLC

                    “Handel’s Messiah Rocks”                                                                     Angela Rowles, Producer

                    Jason Howland, Composer                                                                     Dani Davis, Director     

                    General Manager 2010 USA Premier, Miami, FL                                  Pandemonium Ltd.

                    Pandemonium, The Lost and Found Orchestra                                      Yes/No Productions

                    Stomp Company, UK                                                                             Moonglow Productions

                    General Manager 2000–2003                                              Columbia Artists Theatrical's Inc

                    Elaine Stritch “At Liberty”,                                              Gary McAvay, President

                    Savion Glover in “Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk” and             Aldo Scrofani, COO

                    “Footnotes”, Richard Little in “The Presidents”,

                    Julie Harris in “The Belle of Amherst”,

                    “Tap Dogs”, “Copenhagen”, “Bahia” and “AEROS”.